Historically designated homes in San Diego are extremely popular, and can be very difficult to find for sale. Homes in the San Diego historic districts of Burlingame, Bishop’s School in La Jolla, Gaslamp, Grant Hill, Greater Golden Hill, Islenair, Little Italy, Mission Hills Fort Stockton Line, Mission Hills Historic District, Ocean Beach, Pueblo Rivera, Sherman Heights, Shirley Ann Place, Talmadge, Theosophical Institute Point Loma, and Balboa Park, do come up for sale, and when they do there is often a hot market for them.

  • If you own a home in San Diego, how can you designate as a Historical Home?
  • What is the Mils Act?
  • If you want to purchase a Historical Home in San Diego, what are the things you should be looking for so as not to purchase a historical money pit?
  • Should you consider a historical home as an investment?

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Getting historical designation in the City of San Diego is not for sissies, but if you own a historical home in San Diego, or are looking to purchase one, you’ll be among many San Diegans who are proud to keep the history alive by maintaining the character of their homes and historic districts.

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