University Heights is a small pocket community of San Diego. Located near the central Uptown area, University Heights is a thriving community with wide sidewalks and an active art, theater, music life. University Heights has also small and excellent restaurants, coffee shops, a bakery, antique and bookstores, florist, custom furniture makers, woodworkers, and gallery framing.  There are an extraordinary variety of personal artists ranging from hair stylists to body workers and they are as much a part of the neighborhood as the churches, grammar school, UH Athenaeum School of the Arts, Trolley Barn Park and library.

This extraordinary mix, as well as the classic Arts and Crafts and the Mission Revival bungalows, is always of interest to developers. The University Heights Community Association (UHCA) serves to represent the community with the city, community projects, and developers.

University Heights also has the Vermont Street Bridge which is located on Lincoln Avenue and Vermont Street.  The bridge spans Washington Street and connects University Heights to Hillcrest’s Uptown Shopping District, home to Trader Joe’s, Ralph’s grocery store, Diedrich’s Coffee, Well’s Fargo Bank, restaurants, and various other public services.  It is not an uncommon site to see a train of new mothers with strollers heading over the bridge for a snack at the local juice bar!Currently both the city and private developers are actively trying to increase the density of the community while avoiding established master plans. The University Heights Design Review Council currently is focused on insisting that developers follow the exemplary design of the Uptown Community Plan instead of the controversial ‘ministerial’ review that the city is allowing developers to use.University Heights has one of the most “neighborhood” feels, in my opinion, and where I have owned several historically significant homes and where I live now.

The community is passionate about maintaining the charm of the neighborhood and seeing that change does not impinge upon the neighborhoods character.

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