Hillcrest is a popular neighborhood in the Uptown area of San Diego. Nearby attractions include Balboa Park, “The Village” (and area that runs along Washington and University avenues, between Fourth and Fifth Ave., The Hillcrest Farmers Market, and some of the best dining and nightlife San Diego has to offer.

Hillcrest is known for it’s diversity, not only in population, but also age, affluence and culture. The Hillcrest Association represents local businesses, which thrive within this active population. The Uptown Shopping Center is considered a model for missed-use residential and commercial development.

Tree-lined street round off this beautiful, vibrant neighborhood, with weekly and annual festivals such as CityFest, Mardi Gras and the annual Pride Parade for the lesbian, gay, and bisexual and transgender community (LGBT).

Hillcrest is also home to Scripps Mercy Hospital and the UCSD Medical Center. It’s a lovely place to work and call home.

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